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Our Language Services

Whether you work in a law firm or company in Mexico or the US, specific and meticulous attention to detail in all communications is fundamental and could mean the difference between winning and losing that big case or retaining that key client.  This is even more paramount when you need to communicate in a language other than your native language.  There's no need to worry, however.  CSLT has your back.  We provide professional comprehensive legal translation services, regardless of the subject matter. With extensive experience and training in both Mexican and U.S. legal systems, CSLT knows and understands how important the written and spoken word are when projecting professionalism and advocating for your clients, which we take very seriously, because we know you do, too. 


Translating is a highly difficult and arduous task.  It not only requires a comprehensive grasp of both the source and target languages, but it also requires the ability to provide an accurate and eloquent rendering of the native text into the target language.  In addition, languages are dynamic, meaning they are constantly evolving, so we too need to evolve. 

The translation of legal texts from Spanish to English (and vice versa) requires the mastery of four languages: English, Spanish, Legal English, and Legal Spanish.  Understanding legal terminology in both languages is fundamental due to its highly technical nature and difficulty--it's challenging even for native speakers to understand the terms employed, especially since there are several terms whose meaning in everyday use has absolutely nothing to do with its legal meaning. So, understanding these terms and concepts in both languages (and both legal systems) is necessary for a legal translator and requires significant training and expertise.  This is the advantage CSLT has over a large majority of any other self-proclaimed "legal translation" company We're Attorney-Translators who only work or partner with other legal professionals to ensure our clients are only provided with the highest quality legal translation services.  


CSLT has a network of highly skilled and qualified translators who translate from both English to Spanish and Spanish to English, including translators who are expert translators certified by the Mexican court system. We have the knowledge and expertise to accurately translate all types of legal documents, including lawsuits, answers, motions, rulings, final judgments, appeals, legal opinions, and all other types of writings.

Review & Editing via Microsoft Office

This option allows the Client to share the document in an email attachment sent to the Editor. The Editor will then return the respective document in red-line format, so the Client may view the edits and modifications made. The Client will also respond to any comments made by the Editor in the body of the document or in an email.


Expert Witness Reports and Testimony
We provide expert witness reports and testimony in legal disputes in which a fundamental aspect of the case is the translation or meaning of a particular word in another language--specifically between Mexican Spanish and U.S. English.

Telephone/Text/Whatsapp; 920-579–1922

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