Professional Legal Translations - for Attorneys, by Attorneys

Capelle Spears Legal Translations (CSLT) provides professional legal and legaltranslation services, specializing in legal translations for law firms and international and multinational companies who have operations in the United States and Mexico.  CSLT also offers a wide range of legal English solutions for law firms and companies located throughout North and South America, including in and out-of-court interpretation, transcription, editing, quality control reviews, and executive summaries.  

Legal and Language Professionals

CSLT has a network of highly-skilled and qualified translators who translate from both English to Spanish and Spanish to English, including those who are considered "expert" translators [ perito traductor"] certified by the Mexican court system.

This service is for bilingual Mexican attorneys who need some "polishing" with their legal English, so not only will the final draft flow as if written by a native but all concepts and ideas will be clearly and accurately conveyed to the recipient. 


The client may either upload the document to Google Docs and view the edits in real time, or he/she may send the document via email and receive a red-line version upon completion of the edits.  In both scenarios, the client may respond to any comments or questions made by the editor.

If the Client already has any specific templates prepared in English, such as contracts, employment termination agreements, non-disclosure agreements, shareholders’ meeting minutes, etc., he/she may choose to have them reviewed and modified by our staff.  We will ensure that all your legal documents display the highest degree of professionalism possible.  Even better than native-level English!


Our Clients Testimonials

In all facets, success in the legal field depends on high-quality and meticulous attention to detail. Since we are Attorney-Translators, we have a more profound and thorough understanding of both Civil and Common Law legal systems, which reflects in our ability to provide an exceptionally accurate and professional translation of any legal document.  Our team not only includes legal translators, but also attorneys and other legal and language professionals who can help you with any of the following services: