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Template Resources for Translators

Below is a list of templates for common forms and other documents that require time to create and format. And since our time is extremely valuable, the less time we spend on formatting, the better. The documents uploaded to the Jeroboam are intended to aid in our efficiency, and the more templates we can share, the better and more efficient we will be.

Anyone who wishes to add one of their own templates to the Jeroboam, please email me at and you will receive full credit for the submission.

Birth, Marriage, Death Certificates - Mexico

Quintana Roo Marriage License English.docx
Mexico City Birth Certificate English.docx
Guerrero Marriage Certificate English.docx
Guanajuato Birth Certificate English.docx
Foreign Service Mexico Birth Certificate.docx
Divorce Certificate Guerrero English.docx
Birth Certificate Excerpt Verazruz English.docx
Birth Certificate Michoacan English.docx
Birth Certificate Morelos English.docx
Mexican Tax Form.docx

Birth, Marriage, Death Certificates - Other Countries

Spain Birth Certificate 2.docx
Ecuador Birth Certificate.docx
Honduras Birth Certificate.docx
Birth Certificate Guatemala.docx
Colombia Birth Certifficate.docx
Ixchiguan Guatemala Birth Certificate.docx
Birth Certificate San Salvador El Salvador.docx
Death Certificate Guatemala District.docx
The purpose of this document-sharing site is to aid and facilitate in translating legal forms and other legal-related documents that contain a high level of formatting. Their purpose is not to substitute the work of any translator, and by clicking on any of the documents contained on this site, you [the downloader] agree that you are doing so at your own risk and that the author of the downloaded document is not liable for any errors or omissions therein.