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Servicios profesionales de inglés para despachos de abogados

Capelle Spears Legal Translations (CSLT) provides professional comprehensive legal English services for your law firm, ranging from the translation of all types of legal documents and communications to transcription, editing, review, summary and interpretation services. Everything you and your firm needs to put your expertise and professionalism on a global display!
Capelle Spears Legal Translations (CSLT) te provee servicios íntegros de inglés jurídico para tu despacho, desde la traducción de todo tipo de documentos y comunicaciones legales, hasta servicios de transcripción, edición, revisión, resumen e interpretación. ¡Todo lo que necesitas para exhibirle al mundo entero tus conocimientos y profesionalismo!
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Document Review & Editing


Revisión y edición de documentos

Once the document is uploaded, the Client may view the edits and modifications made thereto, and may also respond to any comments or questions made by the editor, all in a real-time setting.
Una vez que subes el documento, podrás ver las ediciones y modificaciones que se le realizan a éste y también podrás responder a cualquier duda o comentario que realice el Editor, todo en tiempo real.
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CSLT has a network of highly-skilled and qualified translators who translate from both English to Spanish and Spanish to English, including those who are considered "expert" translators ["perito traductor"] certified by the Mexican court system.
CSLT cuenta con una red de traductores altamente calificados y capacitados, los cuales traducen de inglés a español y español a inglés, incluyendo peritos traductores certificados por los tribunales mexicanos.
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If the Client already has any specific templates prepared in English, such as contracts, employment termination agreements, non-disclosure agreements, shareholders' meeting minutes, etc., it may choose to have them reviewed and modified by our staff. We will ensure that all your legal documents display the highest degree of professionalism possible. Even better than native-level English!
Si ya cuentas con unos documentos modelo que redactaste en inglés, asi por ejemplo, contratos, convenios de terminación voluntaria, convenios de no divulgación, actas de asambleas de accionistas, etc., nos puedes pedir que los revisemos y, en su caso, modificarlos. Nos aseguraremos que después de dicha revisión, todos tus documentos legales tendrán el más alto nivel de calidad y profesionalismo posibles. ¡Hasta mejor que el inglés de un nativo!

Our Client's Testimonials


Testimonios De Nuestros Clientes

Matt Capelle is a committed and devoted professional with whom I have been working for more than 10 years. He is always striving to improve and to serve his clientele in better ways. I live and work under extreme pressure; Matt understands this and he is always making my life easier by delivering extremely high-quality work on time. I consider him a key asset to my law firm.

Aldo Ocampo
Jun 8, 2017

I first began working with Capelle Spears Legal Translations three years ago and, after witnessing their strong commitment and professionalism, I have been going back. Their taylor-made personalized services along with their work ethic and detailed-oriented analysis put in every work makes Capelle Spears the best option in the business. I strongly and enthusiastically recommend them without question.
Marco Corral
Aug 13, 2017

I run a law firm and require complex legal documents translated on short notice to meet tight deadlines. My experience with Capelle Spears has always been excellent. Their translation work is of the best quality, their turnaround time is quick, and their prices hard to beat. More importantly, their customer service is outstanding. I highly recommend Capelle Spears for your translation needs.

Francisco Vidal
Oct 11, 2017

In all facets, success in the legal field depends on high quality and a meticulous attention to detail. CSLT provides accuracy and professionalism for all your legal English language needs. We pride ourselves in aiding law firms and businesses – large or small – achieve all their legal English language needs, such as:
En todos los sentidos, el éxito en el ámbito jurídico depende de la alta calidad y una atención meticulosa a los detalles. CSLT te otorga la precisión y profesionalismo para todas tus necesidades. Nos enorgullecemos en brindar nuestros servicios a despachos jurídicos y compañías --grandes y pequeñas – logrando satisfacer todas sus necesidades en materia de inglés jurídico, tales como:
Document Review & Editing
Revisión y edición de documentos
Review & Editing via Microsoft Office
Revisión y edición a través de Microsoft Office
Dictation & Preparation
Dictado y preparación
Executive Summaries
Resúmenes ejecutivos
Legal English Classes
Clases de inglés jurídico

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